Global Express services

         Global Express is a company that provides express delivery and freight delivery services. Wide geographical network offers you good ergonomics, quality transportation and fast delivery. We guarantee our customers the ultimate convenience of sending express shipments and cargo to any part of the world.         

         Nowadays, international freight shipments require a responsible attitude, tremendous efforts and competent management in all steps of delivery process, where the slightest mistake or poorly drafted documents can be a serious problem to deal with. 

         International express shipping is based on of "door to door" delivery fundamental. Shipments may be received at your home and in our office, as well as the customer's warehouse. All received parcels and goods are delivered to the private houses or organizations. 

         Our solutions in a scope of international express delivery - it's only quality services, well-developed schemes and transport routes. A high degree of professionalism of Global Express` specialists guarantee you that delivery will be held in terms and in accordance with your wishes.

          International shipping is possible by any types of transport: auto, air and sea transport. We offer you four types of delivery (Global Standard, Global Fast, Global Economy, Global Special) that can suit to any of your demands. Our employees are interested in the reliability of delivery and reducing the cost of your transportation and shipping, so we will choose optimal solutions and transportation routes for you.