About Global Express

         Global Express is known as international express and cargo shipping company. We offer you fast, reliable and cost-effective service.  

         International express shipping brings a wide array of delivery – from economy shipping (for large and heavyweight goods) to fast shipping (gifts or documents). Cargo shipping covers all links in a cargo delivery chain – warehousing, custom clearance, cargo inspection, insurance and transportation (plane and sea freight, road transportation). 

         Being well established and professional company, from the very start Global Express is committed to improve service quality to satisfy client and market demands. Global Express have highly qualified and experienced staff in every department of our company. Our managers can provide the best solution for you and your business. 

         We offer you highly flexible and comprehensible conditions to work with. Looking into the future we research and develop newest technologies to make a comfort working environment for you and great platform for your business. 

         Step by step our company expands its network. Our service network now covers almost every corner of the world – Asia, Near and Middle East, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. 

         Global Express adheres to the strategy of doing a fully integrated freight forwarding and express delivery service of the highest possible standards and quality.

         Global Express is the easiest way to deliver globally.